It has been awhile since I have posted and it’s mostly because I’ve gotten very busy, but also because I’ve stopped documenting and properly creating strategies for my investments / trading.

In return, I got the expected result of poor returns. In early January I was always well prepared before the opening days and always kept the overall picture in check. In August, the marijuana markets started to make a move again and I scaled back in. Unfortunately, this time around I got greedy, I didn’t document and make plans, and I am now sitting on a collection of positions that have given back most of my gains earlier in the year.

Market corrections are humbling, however, they don’t have to be punishing. There were so many signals in the market suggesting that risk needed to be taken off, but I kept trucking on. Bought the dip. I was a perfect example of the complacent bull.

Buying the dip did not work this time.

The overall markets do not look good. The financial markets around the world are starting to throw up warning flags. We have a tariffs and trade wars. We have rising interest rates.

It is time to get back to the basics before “losing profits” becomes “losing capital”.

And yes, I was up almost 200%…. coming to gripes that the liklihoodI get that back is long gone is really tough. But the S&P is down on the year, and if I can still finish the year with something greater than +10%, then we’re still good. Just a really expensive lesson on greed.

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