This is the first time I’m going to try logging our net worth. This is a trial run to see how much effort it is going to be to publish this every month in 2018. 

Income streams

Our income streams were just our usual salaries from our respective jobs.

We don’t currently have a very large portfolio designed for dividend collection. Over the next few years though, I am to build up a bigger portfolio to help generate more dividend income. Small dividend income from our Wealthsimple account.


Current Value: $252,000

December has been mostly quiet as I’ve been cautious not to give up the capital gains I made from the Marijuana sector run in October and November. Most of my investments in this sector are now free of my original principle which makes me feel a lot more comfortable holding positions in these companies for the long haul. 

The usual FB and MSFT are still holding on strong on their trends.


Our two vehicles are worth about $29,500.

We are currently homeless and living with our parents as we are currently in transition and searching for a new home.


Primary Mortgage – well, as of right now, no mortgage (we sold our home and free accommodations for the time being), so not much to say here. 

Credit Card Debt – we continue to pay off our credit cards in full so in theory, this is zero.

Net Worth

Net Worth Total = $470,000.

Debt Ratio = 0%! Mortgage free is nice! Won’t last long though.

For the first time I’ve sat down to really tabulate our net worth, and although I had hoped that it was a lot higher, it does feel rather refreshing to finally get a view of the big picture. Obviously, this is something I should have done for years but I neglected to do so. 


I’m not anticipating a big change in the next update. We are expecting another child, and we will be going back down to a single income + maternity leave pay. Eventually one of the upcoming months, we plan to buy a new home that can fit us all and this will be a very large expense.

The investment portfolios were hot the last few months and the pace is not sustainable. I still have several positions open in the marijuana sector and I think we will likely see some pullbacks will show drawdowns on the total net worth.

I look forward to doing these updates monthly in 2018. Doing this forces me to look into our current status in detail and make sure that I’m still sticking with a plan.


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