Well, 2018 sure started out with a bang with people lining up to purchase marijuana legally in California, and the marijuana sector absolutely ripping it up again. Unfortunately, as discussed in my Monday post,  I locked in some profits on Friday when the market snapped back and triggered my stop limits.

At the open, I didn’t know what to expect especially with yet another gap up. The sector just kept on moving up and well… a lot of profits left on the table. Just take a look.

2018-01-02 20_28_25-LEAF_ 26.920 ▲+26.74% — Dailies — TradingView.png

2018-01-02 20_25_49-ACB_ 11.820 ▲+23.13% — Dailies — TradingView.png

Bummer. Only because I sold the most in ACB and LEAF, and kept most of my WEED… which didn’t have quite as glorious of a price jump.

2018-01-02 20_26_54-WEED_ 32.370 ▲+8.84% — Dailies — TradingView.png

But not a big deal, its hard to time the market and things can continue to irrationally move up (or down) longer than anyone can predict.

I did contemplate re-entering my original positions but TD Waterhouse has been absolutely awful the last week and was completely inaccessible! I think this is the last straw for me, I will be actively looking to move my accounts to another brokerage now.

If anyone has a good recommendation for a Canadian brokerage to move my Margin, TFSA and RRSP accounts, I would love to hear some suggestions.



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