I’m still holding on to my let-it-ride option contracts on TWTR. I’ve slowly become more bullish on Twitter over the past few months so I’m anticipating an eventual break over the $25 resistance.

2017-12-26 22_00_09-TWTR_ 24.26 ▼−0.82% — Dailies — TradingView.png

Ideally, I want this to break this resistance sooner than later. But part of me thinks it might not break until after the next earnings release, at which point I think it’ll be a dice roll. I’m not deep enough into the fundamentals to have a good gauge on whether or not Twitter will surprise and turn a profit next earnings.

I don’t typically hold through earnings but since these are almost free options, it may be worth the risk/reward. If Twitter can bust out with good profitable earnings, this stock could finally start making a bullish run. If you want a reference chart to look at, consider Facebook in 2013.

2017-12-26 22_04_45-FB_ 175.99 ▼−0.68% — Dailies — TradingView.png

Not the same company and not the same impact, but a lot of people have been waiting for Twitter to find their way and turn profitable.


Since my previous trade review on INTC, the share price finally broke out of the descending range and made a quick push for the high made in November. Unfortunately, it did not break and has retraced a bit. I ended up selling a couple of my option contracts when it came back down below $47. This will allow me to wait a little bit longer on this trade. I will probably let go of this position if it falls below $45. I’d like to see it just build a higher base and eventually break clean of $47.50 and move higher.

2017-12-26 22_09_05-INTC_ 46.08 ▼−1.33% — Dailies — TradingView.png

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